Thursday, 11 August 2016

Human Rights for Jess #humanrightsforjess #repealthe8th

This morning AIMS Ireland posted this photo with the caption:

"Spotted in Dublin this morning.... #repealthe8th #humanrightsforjess"
A bit more on Jess...The 8th Amendment affects pregnant people who want to be pregnant as well as those who do not. Jess's right to informed consent and informed refusal is removed due to the 8th Amendment. The National Consent Policy of Ireland directly cites the 8th Amendment as a barrier to informed consent/refusal in pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. Jess should be supported to enjoy the same freedom to consent which is outlined (and protected) to all other non-pregnant people in Ireland. Jess's ability to informed decision making - to make the best decision for her & her baby in their specific circumstances in pregnancy & childbirth has been removed from her. AIMSI speak to pregnant people daily whom have had their rights removed. Human rights in childbirth is real. ‪#‎humanrightsforjess‬ ‪#‎repealthe8th

More on Human Rights violations in Ireland as a ramification of the 8th Amendment:

Full article by AIMSI Secretary Sinead Redmond  HERE

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