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Inquest for Bimbo Onanuga resumes July 5th 2013

 Information about the Inquest for Bimbo Onanuga, 18th April 2013; 5th July. 2013

Bimbo Onanuga was a Nigerian woman from Lagos State who died in the Rotunda Hospital on March 4th, 2010.

Bimbo was almost thirty weeks pregnant when she was admitted to the Rotunda Hospital with an intrauterine foetal death at the beginning of March, 2010. She was admitted to the Rotunda late on the 3rd March for treatment to deal with the foetal death. Bimbo died the following day. 

At the time of her death, Bimbo left behind her daughter, Nellie, who had been born in Limerick Regional Hospital in 2003. Nellie was quadriplegic and Bimbo was her principal carer. Ten months after her mother’s death, Nellie herself died from complications relating to her complex condition.  

Bimbo’s partner, Abiola Adesina, who was with Bimbo that day in the Rotunda, and Bimbo’s family have pressed for an inquest about Bimbo’s death to discover and understand the unfolding train of events leading up to this tragedy. There has also been continuing concern and unease in the Nigerian emigrant community in Dublin about the circumstances of Bimbo’s death. 

Maternal deaths, while a rarity, nonetheless have been shown statistically to affect non-national emigrant women almost twice as frequently as women born in either the UK or Ireland (CMACE, 2011; MDE, 2012). 

The Dublin City Coroner has granted the family’s request for an inquest. The first session was held  on the 18th April. The second session will resume on the 5th July, 2013 at 11 am. sharp.

It would be wonderful if there were visible support for Bimbo and her family in the court.

The Coroner’s Court is in Store Street behind Busaras:

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